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Q.    Do you shampoo carpet or how do you do clean it? 
A.    We use professional carpet cleaning equipment that cleans carpet with high temperature and also has a very high suction power. It is a truck mount so we come on a van with those big hoses that you probably have seen before. 


Q.    So how do you clean carpet? 
A.    We have specially designed system of 9 steps:

  1.  We put corner guards to protect your furniture and wall corners 

  2.  We also put floor blankets to protect the wood floor

  3.  Wet then pre-vacuum and remove up to 80% of the soil that in your carpet before we start cleaning 

  4.  We pre-treat each stain 

  5.  Than we pre-condition with pre-conditioner

  6.  Extract with 240-250 degrees of heated deodorized water that leaves no residue

  7.  Apply the carpet protective coating upon request for extra charge

  8.  Set up turbo dryers upon request for extra charges. 

  9.  Groom the carpet



Q.    What is a pre-conditioner?
A.    Pre-conditioner is basically a cleaning product for carpet. We apply it first, let it work on the carpet for 10-15 minutes and then we rinse it with a high pressure, heated water deluded with rinser. We rinse all the chemicals out and return carpet condition to natural Ph.



Q.    What is Ph and why it is important?

A.    Majority cleaning product in carpet cleaning industry have their own Ph number. Generally speaking, the dirtier the carpet the higher Ph number should be on cleaning product to make it clean. If Ph number is hight (lets say 9-11) it’s mean that the product is on alkaline side, and in order for us to return it to the neutral condition, we need to rinse it with the acid based product (around 2-4 Ph). If carpet cleaning  company does everything properly, the carpet at the end should be soft and contain no chemicals



Q.    I have an allergy. Do you use green products to clean carpet? 
A.    Do you know what is your allergen? If is a dust, then our carpet cleaning  machine is a perfect and the best solution to take all the possible dust, debris, pet hair, etc. out of the carpet. If you have pet allergy, then we’ll use a enzyme based cleaning product that kills pet odor and most likely you will have a big relief. In the past we had a huge success with pet allergy problems. We can also use “green” products if that is your preference. 



Q.    Do you move furniture?
A.    We are definitely interested in having as much open space as possible, so if you can prepare rooms with carpet by taking small objects away, that would be highly appreciated. For the additional charge we can help moving big pieces of furniture like loves seats, sofas, dressers, etc. Our technician can give you a quote on moving furniture, usually it is $10-20 a piece. 



Q.    How long does it take to dry? 
A.    It can take anywhere between 8-24 hours to for the carpet to be complete dry. Staircases usually take much longer to dry compering to other areas.
In most cases our carpet gets dry within 6-8 hours. There are times when it can be dry as fast as within two hours but we never give such a high expectations to our customers.

The main factors are temperature and humidity. 
The following actions will definitely help in drying time:
- Turing on air movers;  
- Opening windows to let humidity escape;
- Turning air conditioner on to lower the humidity level in the house;
- Turing on the heat to increase the temperature and make environment more dry. 


Q.    Do you guarantee that all the spots and odor will go away?
A.    We will definitely put all our efforts to make the final results with the best possible outcome. 95% of all spots are usually are removable but there is still spots that will stay even with the hight temperature, suction power and hardest chemicals. Those are usually old spots that has already change the structure of the fiber. They will definitely will look much better compering to its original appearance, but there is no guarantee on those types of spots. Pet urine odor removal and pet urine spot removal are not guaranteed. If you find a company that can remove spots that wasn’t removed by us, we’ll refund your money!


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