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We offer on-site oriental rug cleaning. You can either drop off the rug or we can pick it up for you. Rug cleaning requires a special process and extra care if you want to continue to enjoy its use for years to come, so we do not recommend treating your area rug the same was you would the carpet in your home.


We use special equipment and processes that are specially designed to clean your area rug, specialized drying racks to ensure a crimp or fold free rug after cleaning is one of them.


  • At A&K Cleaning, we use the best cleaning products available on the market that are safe for your pets and your family members. 

  • We rinse all of the products previously applied, so at the end of our cleaning, you have clean and fresh items with zero residues left on them. 

  • We only use top of the line brand new cleaning equipment. 

  • Our team consists of certified technicians who know how to deliver the best results possible.

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