Types of Carpet Fiber

new nylon carpet
nylon carpet on high traffic area

What is the very first thing you step on every morning? Yes, it’s your favorite carpet.

Did you ever researched what is it made of? What make them different? Why is it important if you want it to look new as long as possible?

There are 3 basic synthetic materials in carpet production. They are Nylon, Polyester, Olefin.

Advantages of synthetic carpet:

  • It is less expensive then natural carpet and usually more durable.

  • The fiber is elastic. It makes carpet feel nice and last long

  • The fiber does not wrinkle so fast so it stays longer in transit zones. With level lightning there are less shades. If it is Nylon or Polyester carpet fiber will usually lift after you move the furniture. Olefin is less resilient.

Disadvantages of synthetic carpet:

  • Synthetic carpet can melt easier if compare to wool carpet. It usually happens when iron, candle or anything hot fall on.

  • It may have uneven color in some time in particular areas. They are oil attractive. It means they collect soil, swat, dead skin and so on. It glue and blocks moving fiber and causes fiber damages what make it brushy. So light cannot reflect even. You can see it through microscope or strong magnifying glass.

Of course you will need different cleaning agents to make it clean. Cleaning

Methodology also differs. No need to say that if you use improper detergents or confuse cleaning procedure nothing good will happen. Shortly say there are 100+ ways to damage your carpet.

A&K Carpet Cleaning is always here to help you and answer any questions related to carpet quality or method of cleaning for you specific type of carpet fiber.

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