Pet Stains and Urine Identification

Before we start to clean your carpet, first thing we do, we make sure if carpet has pet stains or urine on it.

Why is it so important?

The main reason – Pet urine usually penetrates deep to the padding and it cannot be reached with typical carpet cleaning. Urine has salt. This salt attracts moisture and because of that stain and odor may come back.

Is anything can be done?

Despite it is labor-intensive process, pet stains can be treated. We saturate the carpet and padding with large amount of water and cleaning agents and then extract it with special tool.

How do you identify pet stain and urine?

  • We use moisture detector. As was said above, urine has salt. Salt attracts moisture.

  • We use UV light. Besides salt urine contain ferments that are obvious in UV light. It is important to know, this ferments penetrated in carpet fiber and change fiber structure. That’s why you can still see green color in UV even when you carpet is treated and clean. It is dull but you can see it.

A&K Carpet Cleaning is always here to help you and answer any questions related to methods of cleaning for any specific type of carpet stains.

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